Jeb Kennedy first washed up on the shores of North America in 2011, when friends Kyle, Kyle, Jason and John decided to put their “illustrious illustration degrees” to hard work by making things. Working together as a collaborative artist group, they were able to create dazzling works of art and successfully ward off “feeling completely alone”. The character/mascot/name Jeb Kennedy came from a clever combination of taking the first initials of all of their names (J and K, for those of you keeping score at home), and then turning those initials into ANOTHER name altogether. Totally not confusing! Shhh. Go to sleep.

Jeb Kennedy’s first year in existence has seen many earth shattering accomplishments, including but not limited to: a smash hit art show at a local coffee shop, a Pulitzer worthy interview in their college’s award winning newspaper, and several themed illustration battles that garnered breath taking internet attention. With little more than their own talents and combined wills (known in some regions as the fabled “Jeb Kennedy Mind Meld”) to guide them, these four friends have set sail for uncertain shores. Their only goal is to create as much as possible before Death’s Final Falcon Punch, and to encourage others to do the same.

Here's what people are saying about Jeb Kennedy:

“Picasso + Fart Jokes = Jeb Kennedy” Donny Epp, Successful Entrepreneur & World Famous Art Director

“What’s a Jeb Kennedy?”Dave Andrus, Art Department Head & Professor of Visual Arts at John Brown University  

“it's dope"Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin

Faster than a twitter, more powerful that a website, able to leap a webcomic in a single bound.

Unemployed, in Greenland, with a posse, he rolls for initiative. Half man, half machine, and programmed to save John Spriggs.

He’s the “Founder” of Jeb Kennedy and resident worst case scenario. Filed under “X”, he once extreme sported, but then took an arrow to the knee.

His hobbies include shredding on the guitar, shredding guitars, eating shredded cheese off of a guitar and dressing up like shredder playing a guitar.

He and late night talk show host, Larry King, once occupied the same square of sidewalk, until Larry nervously “stepped off” and Kyle called out to him “who’s the king now?”.

Restraining orders followed.

His greatest fear is to be on the run from the law, wrongfully accused of a crime he was too legit to commit.

KYLE BLAIR (fire) (red ranger)
Kyle Blair is the youngest and deadliest of the Jeb Kennedy troop, resident awkward protagonist, and horse of a different color. Kyle Blair loves sports so much.

In Central California born and raised, the playground is where he spent most of his days.

He’s been described as “hecka tight”, “bird lips” and “the other Kyle”.

His hobbies include Michael Bolton, being the Team Instigator, and grinding his teeth... and sports. 

He once met movie star, Joey Lauren Adams, and she paid him two compliments.

He is the winner of the “Intern of the Year Award” from Jason Flack (award pending).

He has a tweeter, and a rival blog, and a website on the way, (it's a boy). And he loves sports.

Amateur-professional (junior) tenured artist, ghost enthusiast, competitive swarmmer and part-time squid wrangler  (and ghost hunter/gargoyle) (also, he is a full-time Art Director).

His hobbies include all the best hobbies.

As a child he wore turtle necks exclusively, which is why he has such a tall and slender neck today.

He loves Andrew Bell, Taco Bell, Sleigh Bells, Broken Bells, Bela Lugosi, Bel Air (Fresh Prince style) and Bologna.

His proudest moment as an artist was receiving a hand-typed rejection email from Pixar studios. It’s all been downhill from there.


JOHN SPRIGGS (water) (and also heart) (plus the monkey) (and the power of greyskull)
John brings to the Jeb dinner table, along with the bacon, an immense knowledge of movies (circa 1935-2026) and a crippling fear of women and most people in general.

His hobbies include cookies and milk.

He once saw football legend, and 3 time Super Bowl champion, Michael “The Playmaker” Irvin, while naked in a gym locker room. 

He reserves this space to link to Jason’s webcomic, because Jason refuses to put it in his own bio.

He just ate a butt-ton of salsa and regrets it with every fiber of his being.

He tweets about this experience and has an okay website.


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