Thursday, October 20, 2016

Month O' Monsters 2016 - The Fourth Post

Hey! I guess I'll post some monster-related art. Why shouldn't I? Jeb Kennedy is my grandpa too!

Here is a little send-up to one of my favorite monster artists of all time, Jim Phillips. This guys is the king of gross, detailed, radical, monstery art. His stuff is so fun and in your face, and it helped shape the styles of so many artists after him.

One of his most iconic images is the Screaming Hand logo for Santa Cruz Skateboards. Below is a version of this famous hand in my own style.

(Side note: Jim Phillips' son and fellow Santa Cruz artist, Jimbo Phillips, liked my version of the hand on Instagram.)

Take some time to check out some of Jim Phillips' monster art for yourself!

- Kyle B.

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