Thursday, October 20, 2016

Month O' Monsters 2016 - The Fifth Post

Last summer, I attended Frogman's Print Workshops in South Dakota, where I had the unique opportunity to learn under some of the best printmakers currently working in the country. One of the classes I took was under screen printer, Carlos Hernandez. One of the many screen printing techniques that Carlos enjoys using is creating mashup prints. Part borrowed imagery, part chaos, and part collage, these techniques were such a therapeutic mix of going with the flow and  being deliberate at the same time. I especially wanted to take his class to help me learn to loosen up again and abstract a little more.

During this class, I created a series of six prints that I titled the Skewby Dewd series. Using imagery of retro monsters and women modeling mid-century hair and clothes, I tried to use a palette of colors that were both spooky and fun.

- Kyle Blair

Below are the first three in the series:

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