Thursday, March 12, 2015

Ladies & Jebs: Annabelle The Axe (with Cranston)

Hey everybody! Sorry i'm a bit late to the party- I was in San Francisco and then got sick for awhile. Anyway, I'm here and i've got some fun drawings to share with you! 

I don't really have a set theme for my ladies- mostly i'm just taking traditional RPG roles and putting my spin on them.  The first one that I decided to tackle was "hunter"- and that's how Annabelle was born.

I've been trying a new coloring style with these ladies- more graphical and exaggerated- and I think its been pretty successful so far. Hopefully you enjoy it as well.



  1. Love the drawing and the axe! As a camper, axe, hatchets or tomahawks help a lot around the camp. They can easily chop some firewoods or clear debris as needed. However, maintaing your blade is necessary so it won't dull or rust. Do you know how to sharpen your axe? It's fairly easy and if you need to read or watch a DIY video, here's a great site that I've seen so far. Follow this link for some great ideas and tips