Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Month O' Monsters IV: Night of the Livid Dead


"Hey, we're not happy about this either," says "Gary M" , who has emerged as spokesman for the newly risen mob of ravenous undead, "Do you think it's fun shambling around eating brains all the time? It's a nightmare. Brains are gross."
While most would assume that an undead uprising is a calculated attempt at revenge by our dearly departed, speaking with the risen themselves reveals quite the opposite- as this quote from outspoken zombie Gary illustrates:
"One minute i'm enjoying myself in the afterlife, and the next thing I know i'm stumbling around this place gobbling up brains like some sort of lunatic. I'm as shocked as anybody."
When asked if it was absolutely necessary that he and his fellow undead continue eating peoples brains, Gary firmly replied:
"Oh yes, definitely. The brain eating will for sure continue until we figure out what's going on. I'm really sorry, but we have a reputation to maintain here."

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