Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Nude Bruce Review

Nude Bruce Review, by their own admission, is "a literary journal, seeking to publish the very best emerging and established poets and writers from Arkansas and beyond."

A while back, when the very first issue of NBR* was being published, the editors asked Jeb member, Jason Flack, to illustrate the character of "Nude Bruce" for the very first time. Now on issue 3, the editors asked another Jeb, Kyle Blair, to illustrate Bruce in his style. (The plan is to eventually have each Jeb member illustrate his own version of the character, much like the characters of the Jeb universe.)

You can follow Nude Bruce Review on their facebook page, and/or download the latest issue from their website.

*NBR is another way of referring to Nude Bruce Review. Now you know.

Issue 3 Nude Bruce by Kyle Blair

Issue 1-2 Nude Bruce by Jason Flack

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