Saturday, October 19, 2013

Month O' Monsters Guest Art Weekend!

This week we had some surprise guest art sent our way! We really love it when people send us stuff, you guys, so keep 'em comin'!

Up first is a submission from the super talented photographer, Heather Charise. Heather gave us fair warning that this illustration may be too weird/ creepy. But I think we can handle it...

You can check out her personal work here, or her stuff for 
Authentiqua Studios hereThis girl really knows what she's doing.

Up next is a guest art submission from one of the Jebs' younger brothers! Ryan "Cito" Blair sent in a monster he sketched out while he was at work. It looks like he may be more influenced by the art of Jason Flack than his own brother...

Cito is the handsomest of the Brothers Blair. He enjoys sweet treats, 
livin' life on the edge, and cuddling. Dude's got big muscles too...

Lastly, we have a new submission from the designer and screen printer, Joel Martinez. Here's a poster he put together for an upcoming monster-themed art show.

Joel is a crazy-hard-working designer that always has something in the works. 
From work for CrossFit to sweet gig posters, this guys stays busy. 
He is a lead designer at Junk Brands, and in his "free time" he works 
as a barista at Pour Jon's coffee shop. 

We've already been told about some more, very exciting, guest art that is still to come! So keep an eye out for more submissions to be posted next weekend! And if you have any desire at all to send something our way, please do! Getting involved, collaborating, and inspiring each other is what Jeb Kennedy is all about! 

STAY SPOOKY! -Jeb Kennedy 

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