Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Month O' Monsters Day #9: The Pale Orc

"He began...by beheading the king."

Okay so let's be honest: pretty much everyone hated Azog's role in The Hobbit film, and I can totally understand why. His character is only briefly mentioned in the book (he's actually supposed to be dead long before Bilbo's quest), and his character was a pretty last minute addition to the film which resulted in some inconsistent CGI.

BUT. For some reason, I really enjoyed him. It was fun to have an orc in the film that was actually intimidating instead of just waiting around to get speared/decapitated/etc. The design of his character was really unique as well: I loved the ritual scars and wicked prosthetic arm. The way he carried himself with this sense of barely contained rage was very enjoyable in contrast to the usually-forgettable lesser orcs.

So whether or not you enjoyed Azog as much I did; I created a painting of him. Deal with it.

This is the culmination of probably 5 hours in photoshop CS6. Surprisingly enough, I didn't use a specific movie photo for this piece. I just kind of looked at a whole bunch of different photos and made this scene up. Hope you enjoy!


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