Monday, July 29, 2013

Art Ketchup

Hello, my little Jebbers and Jebblets! Yesterday John very kindly, gently, warmly, softly, gracefully, brought to my attention that I have had some new art finished for a while, and I have been keeping it all to myself. So now I am here to catch up with all you little cowpokes and show you some of the stuff I've been up to lately. Special thanks to John for keeping me accountable.

WARNING: Some of this stuff could be old news to you if you follow my other websites at all.

Up first is an illustration that has been swimming around in my head for a while, but I just needed some free time to whip it up. I'm pleased with how it turned out, and I got a lot of good feedback on it. So thanks to viewers like you!

I recently returned from a trip back home to California. I was exhausted when I got back, and really just needed a day of sitting in bed, zoning out, and working on something. The illustration works as a repeating pattern too, so you turkeys are free to use it. Go crazy! I like to call them "Pineapple Idols". Extra credit to the students who noticed the Tim Heidecker reference thrown in.

This next little guy was inspired by my trip to South Africa last summer with some friends. It was just a fun thing to do to commemorate our trip. Behind the scenes trivia: I selected me colors based on the SA flag.

This here is sticker I designed for the band, Listener. These super-talented guys just released this top 40 album not to long ago, and are really killing it right now. It's awesome to do some work for a band that is just getting better all the time. You can get their new music at this link, or even buy some sa-weet vinyl, cool t-shirts, etc. The sticker is based on the Pep Boys logo, and features the three members of the band.

Prep Boyz:

Next is more work for another awesome band. You may remember Bear Suit Sucker Punch from the awesome Jebmas song the made for us last year. These guys are very close friends of us Jeb guys, and I'm a huge fan of their music. Below is some album art I did for them for their single "March of the Pigs", (and "Chasing the Night Away"). Check out their site here to learn more about the band, check tour dates, or get the best free punk rock your money can buy.

I could show some other stuff, but a lot of it is boring design stuff, and I want to keep Jeb a safe refuge from boring. So only fun and fancy free stuff here. Thanks for taking a look!


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