Monday, April 1, 2013

Ladies & Jebs #1

Welcome to our first ever, Ladies & Jebs! All this month, we will be featuring artwork under the theme of "ladies". It's pretty broad, we know, but it's for good reason. Unlike some of our past themed months like, Month of Monsters and Batman Buildup, where we focused on subjects we love to draw, this month we are choosing to focus on something that challenges us.

For whatever reason, the four of us usually steer clear of drawing females. Could be because it just wasn't something we practiced a lot growing up, (too busy drawing Ninja Turtles and made-up Batman villains), or perhaps it's because we are just too intimidated by women in general. Regardless of the reasons, we realized that we were doing an injustice to females everywhere, and it is high time we pay for our crimes.

Hopefully this will be a time of growth for all of us. And we apologize in advance for anything that may offend- we are really just fumbling around in the dark on this one.

Starting things off, is my first illustration about a lady and a surprise visit. Hope you enjoy it!

-Kyle Blair