Thursday, October 4, 2012

Month O' Monsters: HAL and a vampire

Before the month of October began I had all my monsters sketched out because I love creatures. I had all the classics, vampire, werewolf, a frankenstein. It was easy, too easy, which made me kinda bored and depressed. I needed to push myself a little bit both stylistically and thematically. So my brother and I began to toy with unconventional monsters.

Often when we think of monsters, we picture deformed, grotesque, supernatural creatures. The shadowy figures that dance on our walls as we fall asleep at night, and live in our closets as children. But there is something more to a monster, something beneath the "skin", and I think at it's core, it is inhumanity. It is a lack of compassion for human life that makes them so paralyzingly terrifying. 

So the main idea this month for me, are characters from movies who could be reexamined as being monsters. Most of them will probably be sci-fi because, well, sci-fi is awesome. You'll also get to see all the monsters I had planned out before hand as a bonus to my posts.

HAL from 2001

And the bonus!

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