Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Month O' Monsters: Candy Thieves #1

I love Month O' Monsters, guys. Not only does this month mark the first time that Jeb Kennedy started doing our "theme months" on the blog, but it is also a month where I basically get to draw whatever the hell monsters that I want. It's a month where I can stretch my imagination and watch as my fellow Jebs do the same.

So. My theme of monsters for this month is "Candy Thieves"! These monsters are worse than normal because all they want to do is swipe your candy. Don't be fooled by their clever disguises: these little goblins and ghouls are stone cold confection-poachers. They may be offering you a sweet high-five with one claw...but rest assured that the other is digging around through your candy bowls.

First up is this suspicious looking dracula:

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  1. Dude your coloring skills are getting madder and madder every day. love it.