Monday, September 24, 2012

Super September Bros: Contra Bros.

My entire "Nintendo experience" is mostly based on the NES. In my teen years I pretty much switched to Playstation and Tony Hawk Pro Skater games, but as a kid my heart belonged to grey cartridges that we had to blow into to get them to work correctly. The NES holds a really cool little group of memories for me of time I spent with my older brother as a kid. While all the games that have inspired my illustrations this month have memories of my brother, none so much as the game, Contra. Being one of the only games we had that was two-player, Contra was a favorite for my older brother and me.

Here's a video of the original game, if you are unfamiliar:


  1. I was hoping someone would do this game. SUCCESS!

    1. Thank, Drew! Yeah, I was a little hesitant to do it in this style out of fear that fans might think it didn't fit. But I thought it would be cool to see a shooter game like this in a really bright, happy illustration.