Saturday, August 4, 2012

Art Update From Kyle Blair! (Who is genuinely not dead)

You may have been thinking to yourselves lately, "Aren't there four members of Jeb Kennedy? Why haven't we heard from Kyle Blair in awhile?"

Well, my friends, the answer is much more horrible than you could ever imagine.

FIRST. Kyle spent the beginning of his summer working. at. a. camp. With children. And zero air conditioning.

SECOND. Kyle (no doubt delirious from weeks in the summer heat surrounded by children) then decided to fly to Africa and skateboard his way into the peoples' hearts.

Despite all of the terrible decisions he's made this summer, Kyle B has still managed to produced some incredible artwork! I received a carrier-pigeon this morning bearing the following images:

Such adorable clocks! They serve as a nice reminder that, even though he is in Africa, Kyle Blair is one of the finest artists around.

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