Saturday, July 14, 2012

Batman Buildup #25: Guest Art And Stuff!

Merry Saturday, Brudes (Bro-Dudes)! Today we have some more delightful fan art.

First up is a deliciously creepy Joker illustration by Jeb Kennedy SuperFan Matthew Stuck. Matt is the co-creator/illustrator of the incredibly inventive webcomic "Anarchy By Appointment.

Next up Jameson Sheppard took a break from being awesome at everything to make us this Batman poster. Jameson is a designer/cinematographer/director/editor/smart person and the first person I've ever met who has actually rotoscoped something, which automatically makes him amazing no matter what. Check out his website and follow him on twitter

Finally we have a tiny collab between Drew Nunes and me. Drew did the pencils and I did the colors. Check out Drew's blog for some amazing comic art, and also his punk band Bear Suit Sucker Punch, which has the Jeb Kennedy Seal of Approval.

If you have any Batman art you would like us to post, please email us at jebkennedycollectiveATgmailDOTcom.


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