Friday, July 13, 2012

Batman Buildup #24

Happy Friday the 13th everybody! Exactly one more week until the premier of "The Dark Knight Rises". Crazy, huh? In celebration I have a grab bag of images to post today. First up is another addition to the smash hit (read: not a smash hit) "Gotham Sweaty" series, described by one of my brothers as "like a joke that isn't really funny but you keep doing..."!

PLEASE HOLD YOUR APPLAUSE. Next here is a piece inspired by "Adventure Time" and a little "Regular Show", titled "Hard Justice".

AND LASTLY: A trip down memory lane. Here are a few things I found while moving out of my parent's house last christmas.

1) A 1997 edition of The Dallas Morning News, reviewing Batman and Robin (I think I kept it for the pictures). Movie critic Phillip Wuntch gave the film a very generous "2 Stars". 2) A drawing of Batman I made when I was a kid (not sure of the date on this). Please note the incredibly tiny torso. I think I had terrible body image issues. 3) A rare childhood photo of me wearing guessed it! Batman Forever shirt (I was obsessed).

I have a bunch more embarrassing batman drawings/comics that I may post next Friday.

See you later, internet!


  1. Dude... Hard Justice just gave me a Justified Boner

  2. thank you sir. in all honesty, i was thinking of you as i was drawing it.