Thursday, June 28, 2012

Batman Buildup #9 : Clayface!

So I have to be honest: this 30 days of Batman has been a lot more demanding than I first anticipated. Probably because two of the four Jebs are gone right now, but also because i'm realizing that i tend to be very critical of myself when it comes to drawing Batman. I think it's because Batman was such a huge part of my childhood, and is still such a large part of my creative inspiration. How do I take something as iconic as Batman and put my own spin on it? It's a tough question that I look forward to answering in the coming days.

Moving on: my next piece is based on the villain Clayface. He doesn't get a lot of attention when compared to Batman's other rivals, but he's still an interesting and compelling villain (in my humble opinion). I love that he is, essentially, a giant goop-monster and yet his origin is based entirely on arrogance and vanity. Plus, I really enjoy drawing goop-monsters. Enjoy!