Thursday, February 9, 2012

Turtle Time!

Hey everyone! It's time for an update with (gasp) original artwork by yours truly.

My goal for this year has been to slowly ween myself off of creating vector artwork, and move back towards more traditional (ie. "wacom tablet") methods. I've been really concentrating on improving my linework and colors. This was my first real crack at it:

This guy was so much fun that i'm considering doing a whole series of random forest creatures. If anyone has any suggestions on what sort of creature I should draw next, please let me know! I am totally open to input.



  1. Armadillo. Squirrel. Opossum. John. Woodchuck. Mole. Woodpecker. Fox. Gopher. Winnie the Pooh. Tree frog. Snake. Horny Toad. Baby Squid. Homeless child. Kangaroo mouse. Deer. Rabbit. Skunk. Salamander. Owl. (Do all of these)

  2. mongooses. everyone likes mongooses. Also wolverines.

  3. i can see that turtle being a new World of Warcraft race!


    Corey D. Robert