Thursday, January 26, 2012

My Folks

Sorry to interrupt this beard drama for a bit. Here's a thing I made today of my parents, Coach and Suze. Kiss kiss.

P.S. I meant to make this for them like, two anniversaries ago, but time got away from me. Here's to being better late than never.

P.P.S. Aren't we due for some more videos from the bald-face boys by now? C'mon guys...


  1. Kyle, I had a look at the rooster strutting his stuff in your rogue file and thought I'd send you this bit of light verse:

    Cocks and Cockerels

    Cocks and cockerels of differing height
    imagine they’re grand when they crow all night.
    In broad daylight they strut and preen
    torment the hens and make them scream.
    When a clutch is laid and wives get broody
    they don’t help out, when hens are moody.
    They also make a racket all day
    on their roosts or at male play.
    Instead of clucking as hens do
    they act as though they’re in a zoo.
    Better companions for baboons they’d make
    than for demure white hens who nibble at cake.
    Rhode Island reds or game cocks with spikes
    they’re nasty old things that love picking fights.
    Whoever bets on this bloodthirsty crew
    won’t make them stop till they’re black and blue
    then probably raise an axe to the neck
    of a quarrelsome rooster raring to peck.
    The stew pot or roast pan is where they end up
    still tough, unrepentant, down on their luck.

  2. This is great! First poem on the Jeb Kennedy site, thank you!

  3. Kyle, we had a whole room of people looking at this when we opened it...this is awesome! Everyone really liked it! I don't know how you did it, but soooo cool! Dad & I love it, Son! Thank you!

  4. For some reason.. I just want to eat some of this cartoon. Well done.