Thursday, November 3, 2011

Meet a Jeb: Kyle A

Well guys, it's day two of our Meet a Jeb campaign, so as promised, today you get to meet a new Jeb! In yesterday's post, Kyle Armstrong introduced you to John Spriggs. Today it is my sincere pleasure to introduce to you, via illustrated portrait, Kyle Armstrong!
Be sure and read the quick Q&A's under the portraits. They are chock-full of rare insight and real goofs!
(To be clear, I am Kyle Blair, and I drew and interviewed Kyle Armstrong)

So Kyle,

Who/what are your biggest influences?
Mike Mignola and Guy Davis, designer toys from 3A, and anything Sci Fi.

What webcomics are you currently following?
Umm lets see, there’s Bad Machinery which all of you should be reading, The Meek, Hark, A Vagrant!, and Anarchy by Appointment

Pepsi or Cake?
Cake, hands down.

An old friend runs into you in a dark alley, in the middle of the night, and asks what you are doing there. What is your answer?
Not putting this body in a dumpster that’s for sure ha haha hahahahaha then kill the witness and escape on my fun sized vespa humming the 1960’s batman theme.

Celebrity crush?
Scarlett Johansson, but Olivia Wilde has been on my mind since Tron. Don Cheadle.

You are stranded on a deserted island, with absolutely no way off... The end.
Dammit Kyle, I knew you would do this.

Would you rather own a Delorean or a Tie Fighter?
Delorean, then I can go through time and steal a Tie Fighter. Win/Win.

Danny Tanner or Carl Winslow?
Hmm is it worse to have a father that is a talk show host or a cop ...

If you could skip any one of these questions, which would it be?
This one.

What gets you out of bed in the morning/afternoon/night?
The desire to see if Jeb or PoJT hit it big while I was sleeping also the feeling of not being tired anymore.

Who is your favorite fellow Jeb Kennedy member that shares your first name?
John, wait no my name’s Kyle, so you win Kyle.

If you were an animal, what would your favorite food be?
Soylent Green

What is your favorite ninja-surf movie?
Surf Nazi’s Must Die. OH ninjas? Why 1993’s Surf Ninjas of course, staring Rob Schneider as the guy on a surfboard with kids and Leslie Nielson as the old guy who has fallen into the water.

If (when) Hollywood makes a movie about your life, who will play you?
It’s a toss up, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Casey Affleck, maybe Kyle Howard, but Sam Rockwell, no doubt, will play the part of me, the Tie Fighter stealing Delorian driver from the future, the movie’s award winning role. With him will also be his partner Rex, an adorable loud mouthed baby T-Rex. Really my movie is an animal buddy cop film masked as my biography.

On a scale of 1-10, what is the most important part of a cheeseburger?
Wait … cheese? 10? 1 if the scale is the other way.

In your opinion, who is the “next” Don Cheadle?
Man can there really be a next? It’s like asking who is the next Babe Ruth or John Elway. Don Cheadle is the Highlander, there can be only one.

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