Friday, November 4, 2011

Meet a Jeb: Jason

Day trés of Meet a Jeb. We've already introduced the two older members of Jeb Kennedy, Kyle A and myself. Now it's time to meet it's most elusive member: Jason Flack.

Jason and I lived next door to each other during our freshman year. When I first met him he was kind of a quiet, goofy kid, with a summer tan and a "beatles" haircut. One day over lunch we started talking about comics, and he pulled out some character sketches he was working on for a graphic novel. I remember looking at those sketches and thinking "dangit. This guy is good."

Hey Jason!
Hey. HEY.

Do you consider yourself a designer who illustrates or an illustrator who designs?
I consider it a mistake to view the two as separate entities. BAM.

Who/what are some of your big influences?

Music. Movies. Graffiti. Other artists.

Let’s go back in time and visit pre-college Jason. What do you say to him?
Stop wearing those cargo shorts.

What’s the best movie you’ve seen this year?
I’m going to say Drive, because that’s the first movie that came to mind. And also because I can’t really remember what other movies have come out this year.

God says to you “Jason I’m going to annihilate all the animals in the world for reasons I cannot explain. However, I will spare one species of your choosing”. Which species do you choose?
I wish for infinite wishes.

You’re the oldest sibling in your family. What’s that like?
It’s like being the king of a country where everyone hates the king, and also most people don’t know they have a king.

Is the world going to be okay, Jason? I worry about it sometimes.
I just checked outside the window and it is still there, so for now I will say “yes.”

What do you like to listen to when you’re drawing?
It varies depending on what sort of new music I’ve found lately. Right now I am all about Zola Jesus.

Summer or Winter?
Winter. for sure. I can’t stand being hot.

Who’s one person you would like to meet before you die?
The nerd inside me is saying Peter Jackson. But the artist inside me is saying Richard Taylor. Either way we are looking at a Lord of the Rings theme here.

You seem to be a pretty mysterious guy. What’s one thing most people don’t know about you?
I am allergic to christmas trees.

What’s one talent or skill you wish you had?
I have always wished that I could play an instrument really well.

What’s one talent or skill you wish I had?
I have always wished that you could play an instrument really well.

What is the coolest thing ever?
I’m just going to say the first thing that pops into my head. Rubiks Cube.

Get out of my houseboat!

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