Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Fan art by Jameson Sheppard

Some cool fan art I got tonight from our friend Jameson Sheppard for The Lonely Mountain Miner. The text, if it's hard to read, "Saddened by the thought of not being invited to join Jeb Kennedy, The Lonely Mountain Miner has kidnapped our hero. (Insert gasp!) Since he lacked the foresight to plan, he simply sat on our poor friend. Which is unfortunately fortunate for Jeb, considering monsters roam his streets of Americaville. Now, we wait, as abnormalities rule the month and a curiosity develops. A plot. A thickening plot. A plot that thickens. -Jameson Sheppard"

The plot hath thickened indeed.


  1. that is the thickest plot i have ever seen.

  2. and some of the finest fan art aka "fart", we have ever recieved. thanks jamie-shepps!