Wednesday, September 7, 2011

New Fan Art!

New masterpiece from Jeb Kennedy fan, Daniel Brouns, depicting an Americaville citizen in need of Sheriff Jeb.

When asked what story his artwork tells the viewer, Daniel replied,

"It's... It's just a man, you know, like a little man that's in the town and he needs the sheriff because Cactus Dave left that little thingy outside his doorstep. You know... like a little... like a ransom note. You know? You know how like some killers leave like rose petals... or something like that? Cactus Dave leaves a little cactus. Anyways, what's that... uh... scarface. You know when he leaves that horse head? Scare tactic."

The End

Daniel Brouns lives in Sacramento, California with two dogs Pep-Pep and Yuckis, and enjoys walks in the park on Sunday afternoons.


  1. looks like dave left his prickly dengus

  2. also, good job daniel! i love the man's elbows.