Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Prodigal Jeb Returns

Hey Y'all,

Sorry I've been absent for a while. Like Jason said, I was out of state/country/my mind for a while, and my art has seriously been lacking. Much like the Prodigal son of the Sunday school stories, I turned my back on Jeb for a brief period filled with mistakes and regret. But when I was ready to return, good ol' Jeb was there to welcome me back with open arms.

In my time away, I filled my life with the distractions of this world, and had no time for adventures in art with my fellow Kennedy brothers.

Before long, I found myself with no money, no inspiration, no happiness, and no friends. I was alone in the world. I could only find a job working for a pig farmer who would allow me to eat from the pig troughs. The only security I had in this world was the slop that came every day at 10am.

But now I'm back, and all of us Brothers Kennedy are ready to get things going again full throttle. So get ready for some new posts and updates, as we get into the swing of things again. Good things are starting to happen, including me getting the opportunity to paint a giant map of the world in a middle school classroom this week with some friends.

That has to be a good sign.

Kyle Blair


  1. also i like the subtle cowboy hat.

  2. Kyle, have you ever seen the continents?

  3. This is a post-apocalyptic map. Everything burned.